About Us

LiGE Value Proposition

Medium and Large Energy Users require cost effective, stable power and water supply.

LiGE's Qube is a power storage system using Compressed Air Energy Storage "CAES" that provides the customer with the ability to store energy at low tariff and utilize the energy at high peak times.

Unlike Batteries we do not use rare earth metals nor suffer from short lifespans;

Unlike Generators we have a zero carbon footprint.

Our solution is cost effective with a 30-year lifespan and almost infinite storage life, a zero carbon footprint, producing water as a by-product.  The control system is constantly monitored by a CRM system for maximum efficiency and peace of mind. 

Our only by-product is WATER!

A secondary product, distilled water, can be used for irrigation, cleaning and other related applications as it contains no chemicals or ionization.  To make it into drinking water it will require a few inexpensive chemicals such as trace elements i.e. calcium.  A 50KwH storage system produces approximately 700L of distilled water per day.

Our Mission Statement

LiGE provide accessible, innovative, “Cleantech” energy storage technology. 

Addressing the energy supply and cost challenges that large energy users, face in the world today.




Our experienced management team is passionate about green sustainable solutions.


Inventing and designing new innovative solutions:
Energy Storage
Waste Management Solutions Medical Waste Solutions
Water Solutions
Power Factor Correction
Medical Equipment



Our friendly and experienced team is always eager to offer our clients the solution for their unique situation.