We make a Compressed Air Energy Storage System

that helps renewable sources store what they've produced!   Unlike batteries, we do not wear down  -  we're with you for life!  Unlike grid- enabled storage, we do not have carbon emissions!

Leaper Qube - Compressed Air Energy Storage

What is Power Storage?

A method by which Electrical Energy is kept for future use

Why do we need it?
To balance demand and/or supply backup power

The Solution!

LiGE has developed a kinetic-based CAES system "Air Battery" as opposed to traditional chemically-based storage systems.

The product “LiGE Qube/Air Battery” utilizes hydraulics to power the compression system. This CAES system is approximately 15% more efficient than other large-scale CAES products. During compression, the air is cooled to keep the system Isothermal, moisture is removed, usable water is separately stored, and the resulting dry air collected in pressure cylinders, the heat is stored separately to be reintroduced in the generation phase.

This patented approach achieves high round-trip efficiency and a proven long product shelf life thereby enabling the LiGE Air Battery to deliver a cost competitive energy storage solution.

LiGE’s Qube Storage System/Air Battery provides uninterrupted supply of high-demand power through a non-battery storage solution with a long lifespan and zero carbon emissions.

Zero Carbon Emissions

The by-product of the Storage System is clean air and clean usable water.

A 30-year life span compared to batteries and generators’ 5-year lifespan

No rare earth metals are used, at the end of the systems lifespan all the parts are recyclable, nothing to landfill.

Generators have a short lifespan and very high running costs

The advantage of the Storage System is a 65%(approximately) saving on the electricity bill through storing the energy in low tariff periods coupled with peak shaving which removes the peak demand charges

Peak Shaving Graph

Compressed Air Energy Storage - The Technology

Compressed Air Energy Storage "CAES" Technology enables placement anywhere, a Zero-Emissions Storage Solution

The LiGE Air Battery Energy Storage System's by-product is WATER

Isothermal compression allows air to reach high pressures without the inherent challenges of high temperatures or high thermal losses. Compressed air at near ambient temperature can be stored until needed with the application of state of the art energy storage with near zero heat and energy losses. The power is always available, isothermal compression to expansion delivers near 90% round trip efficiencies.

A Hydraulic system and drive train utilizes an electric motor and AC generator (alternator) , the latter proven through decades of service in other industries, to provide an efficient mechanical link, that powers the compressor and heat-transfer system process into pneumatic cylinders.

During compression, the air is cooled via absorbers; the resulting air is collected in pressure cylinders. Heat is transferred from the stored “heat battery” to air during expansion or from air during compression, thus providing both isothermal compression and expansion, eliminating the cost of separate compressor and expander subsystems.

This patented approach achieves high round-trip efficiency, proven long lifetime, and low cost, allowing LiGE Qube to deliver a low “cost of energy” in comparison to competing storage technologies.


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